Stay Fresh Sticker Pack No. 4


Product Description:
Stick ’em on your computer, on a street sign, on your locker, on your car, or on your friends’ car! The Stay Fresh Sticker Pack No. 4 includes 6 six high-quality stickers to freshen up your life! In memory of David Freeman, Jess Stay Fresh’s Dad. Represent the most rad race car driver Oklahoma City did ever see! Jessica lost her Dad in 2014 to Huntington’s disease in 2014. A portion of the sales will be donated to the Huntington Society of America.

3.48″ x 2.9″ OH SHIT!
3.9″ x 2.2″ Freeman Racing Fast As Fuck Rubber
1.76″ x 4″ GET PIST
3″ x 3″ Freeman Racing 40 Dirt on the track, mud in your crack!
4.45″ x 2″ Dust Burner
4.50″ x 1″ Lets Burn One

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