31 Days of Halloween: DAY 2


Model: Lana Stevens
MUA: Marcela Tobar of MTMakeup
Headpiece: Marcela Tobar
Designer: S&M Designs
Photography: Jessica Montgomery


Don’t look directly at these images! You might turn to stone!

From DaVinci to Versace, Medusa has been an artist’s favorite subject for centuries. Legend holds that Medusa was once a beautiful maiden with golden hair.  Until one day she fell in love with Poseidon… which pissed off the almighty Athena. Athena then punished her by turning those beautiful locks into dangerous, poisonous snakes and placing a curse on her. By Athena’s curse, anyone who looks upon Medusa turns to stone.

We may not be DaVinci status yet, but please enjoy our interpretation of Medusa.