Black History Month: DAY 4

Black History Month – Day 4

Today we honor science fiction author, Octavia Butler.

Model: Martikah Williams

“Octavia Butler was a pioneer for African American authors in science fiction. Her work demonstrates that we are not only capable of telling compelling stories, but those stories can be led by black characters. Her imagination had no limits, with her most famous works revolving around aliens, mythical and immoral beings. Her pen halted for no criticism as she addressed social constructs against black people and black women. She inspired and continues to inspire so many like myself who want to tell stories that are non typical of black characters. I’m grateful to have witnessed her creativity and have it influence my work and I’m even more grateful that I get to share it with others. Visit for more information on her books and her life.” -Martikah Williams


The first science fiction author to receive the MacArthur Fellowship (also known as the “Genius Grant” ), Octavia Butler was groundbreaking in the world of literature. She used science fiction to explore important topics such as diversity, racism, sexuality, social norms, and the self-destruction of humanity. As one of a few women (and even fewer women of color) in a male dominated career, Octavia overcame many obstacles and became one of America’s best-selling authors. She won both, the Hugo Award and the Nebula Prize, twice! Butler paved the way for other black science fiction writers. “You could fit all the black science fiction and fantasy writers on one stage, and that’s not the case anymore — the field has exploded so much!” -Tananarive Due, author (

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