Black History Month: DAY 5

Black History Month – Day 5

Today we pay tribute to Angela Davis.

Model: J.C. Osuna

“I’ve always admired Angela Davis. To me she is the epitome of blackness and activism. She is absolutely iconic, from her hair to her voice. I absolutely loved being a part of this project, especially because Angela Davis is one of my favorite women in history. It was an absolute honor to portray her.” – J.C. Osuna

Author, educator, activist, feminist, philospher–Angela Davis has spent much of her live advocating for the oppressed. She is most well known for her arrest 1970 in association with the Soledad Brothers escape attempt. She was the third woman in history to be on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and faced charges of kidnapping, murder, and conspiracy but was acquitted of all charges in 1972. Davis experienced persecution at a very young age, growing up in a neighborhood nicknamed “Dynamite Hill” because of the large number of houses that were bombed by the Klu Klux Klan. She began her political involvement as a young girl in the Girl Scouts, marching to protest racial segregation and continues to be very active in political and social movements to this day.

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