IMIRAGE Magazine: “Lure of the Sea”

“Lure of the Sea”

Model: Breana DeVey

MUA: Marcela Tobar of MTMakeup

Photography: Jessica Montgomery

Published February 26, 2021 in issue #864 of iMirage Magazine. Breana asked me one day “Hey Jess, do you like seafood?” To which my answer was “I keep trying to, but I really, really don’t. Why?” “Well, I was really wanting to do a shoot with an octopus on my head.” So we picked up a frozen octopus from the Asia Food Market on Erie Blvd, let it thaw and put it on Breana’s head.

We also included other sea critters in our editorial so that we could meet the 4 look minimum for submissions. I got several concerned looks from Marcela while I was popping bobby pins through the tiny fish bodies in order to put them in Breana’s hair and the whole studio reeked of fish but overall it was a huge success and loads of disgusting fun. Oh, and Breana ended up having to throw away that dress because she couldn’t ever get the octopus smell out… But we made the front cover of iMirage Magazine!

Of course the fun didn’t end with these 4 shots! Check out a few of our other favorites from that day: