MALVIE Magazine: “Nine to Five”

“Nine to Five”

Model: Margot Elizabeth

MUA: Hannah Iozzia

Hair: Meghan Heagerty

Photography: Jessica Montgomery

This shoot was featured June 7, 2021 as a webitorial for Malvie Magazine. This shoot was originally just for fun because Meghan had recently given Margot a really rad rainbow ‘do and if anyone was gonna photograph it, it needed to be me. Lol. This was the beginning of Pride Month and we were going for “Gay Twiggy” vibes with a thrifted wardrobe and MOD makeup. Margot wowed us by showing off her core strength and incredible sense of balance and we really just had entirely too much fun. The end result was something we were all super proud of, so we decided it deserved to be seen by the world and we sent it in as a submission to Malvie.