SHUBA Magazine: “Blue Jean Baby”

“Blue Jean Baby’

Model: Rebecca Roger

Hair/MUA: Hannah Fleet

Photography: Jessica Montgomery

This Fashion Editorial was published August 23, 2020 in Issue 38 Vol.5 of Shuba Magazine. Originally when Rebecca booked this shoot with me, we had no intentions of submitting it for publishing. We both really loved the idea of head-to-toe denim and thought it would make for a great “just for fun” shoot. After seeing the look put together with the incredible hair and makeup Hannah whipped up, I thought “well this is just too good, we should definitely submit it somewhere.” Typically when submitting an editorial, you have to have a minimum of 4 looks but since we weren’t planning on a full editorial Rebecca only had 3 outfits ready to go. So for the last look we used both pair of jeans, one dark wash and one light wash, and put one leg in each and tied the other two legs around her waist for a split tone look. It was absolutely ridiculous from behind, but looked great on camera. Here’s the final result:


Shuba ended up only using four of the images, but there were so many other great ones!