Stay Fresh Artist Series 006: Thomas Ward III & Michael Lewis

The Art of Thomas Ward III & Michael Lewis | Show Opening
Friday, March 25th
108 Wyoming st. Syracuse NY 13204

Attention all you fresh fiends! It’s a new year and we are kicking off the 2022 Stay Fresh Artist Series with a real banger. Bringing his psychowhimisical painting style to our walls is Thomas Ward III and along with him the abstract beauty and grime artist Michael Lewis. Tom and Mike are long time recognized Syracuse artists and we are stoked to have them for the first show of the year.

Thomas Ward III
Syracuse artist, focusing mostly in painting.
His work has been described as terrifying, psychedelic, whimsical, and otherworldly. Working mostly in acrylic as well as watercolor, charcoal, ink, block print, and airbrush. His work is a look into many other universes, built with distorted forms, landscapes, and architecture. With limited ties to this world, this work is meant to ignite the viewer’s imagination.

Instagram: @wardthird

Michael Lewis
Syracuse artist, focusing mostly in painting.
With scenic painting, mural work, and painting Mardi Gras floats under his belt, his style goes from the swamps of Cicero to the bayous around New Orleans. His paintings are intense landscapes with adorned characters that are mysterious abstracted visions of his world. Grime and beauty are combined using carnival colors washed in dirty brush water. These paintings contain a solemn core that’s tempered in a healthy dose of comedy, you will see his point while getting a smile at the corner of your mouth.

Instagram: @vexo_benovex

Beverages: A special appearance by shoe sponsor Interboro Spirits & Ales! Brooklyn, and other local sips as well as, N/A beverages will be on hand as well as other treats.
Covid Protocol? If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask than you can, it is not mandatory for this show. 

What if I miss the opening? Show runs 3/25-4/2
Gallery Hours:W-F 5-8 | Sat 4-9.
any art purchased during the show run can be picked up from Stay Fresh after the show run.