Day 11:

Model: Matt Pastore featuring Lauren Marie Pastore

“Those god-damned ducks…”

The Sopranos is a critically acclaimed drama tv series that ran for 6 seasons from 1999-2007. Set in New Jersey, the show follows mobster Tony Soprano as he attempts to balance his family life with his life in the Mafia. Not only are Matt and Lauren fans of the show, but they fall into the roles of this iconic couple somewhat naturally. Lauren told us the story of one morning when she found Matt trimming the bushes in his bathrobe while smoking a cigar and she said “Who are you, Tony Soprano?”

Matt is co-owner of Syracuse Antiques Exchange –a 5 story wonderland of antiques, vintage wares, and history. With over 60 dealers, you can spend hours exploring your favorite decades and looking through seemingly endless treasures. SAE is one of our favorite photoshoot locations and Matt has been a key player in several of our biggest photo projects, like the Stay Fresh Black History Month series. Whenever we are looking for vintage clothing or props, Matt whips out his Mary Poppins bag and pulls out exactly what we need!