Day 19:

Model: Wyatt Montgomery

MUA: Hannah Fleet

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” – Erma Bombeck

Made popular by Steve Martin in the 1970s-80s, the arrow-through-the-head gag has been used as a comedy prop for decades. The arrow headband is still a common Halloween costume, in fact we found several at Party City earlier today! The concept for this shoot was Wyatt’s idea. He said he wanted to make a statement about how sometimes things you say that are meant to be a joke can be really hurtful, so it’s best to be thoughtful and careful with your words. Also he talked about how a lot of comedians have experienced a lot of trauma in their life and the use their pain to write their content. Comedy is frequently a double edged sword (or arrow)… Kinda heavy for a 12 year old, huh?

Wyatt is Jess’s oldest kiddo. Thoughtful and kind with a wicked thirst for knowledge, he is one of our very favorite Gen Z’ers!  He keeps us up to date on the current lingo, TikTok trends, and the latest news on the global warming front. Always finding ways to help, he frequently hand models and helps with behind the scenes practical effects for photoshoots. He is incredibly driven and self-motivated with hopes of saving the world one day and we are so excited to watch him do it.