DAY 7:

Featuring the Luna Café cats!

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”  Black cats have been associated with many superstitions over the years. During the Middle Ages, black cats were thought to be connected with black magic, many people thinking they were witches in disguise. In the 16th century, black cats were commonly accepted to be bad omens linked to bad luck and death. These superstitions are all just myths, so don’t be spooked by those bright glowing eyes! If you see a black kitty running around this Halloween season, please be kind to it!

Dave and Goliath are Luna Café‘s resident black cats and are among the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet! They weren’t super in love with their styling, but they very kindly indulged us for a quick photoshoot. Some of the other kitties in the group were even less enthusiastic about playing dress up and didn’t keep their costumes on for long, but we got some fun shots of the commotion.

The Luna Café is a full service Japanese cat lounge and cafe! Great food and excellent company, it’s the perfect place to grab lunch with friends or to decompress and destress with the cats. The best part is that the cats in the lounge are adoptable! The Luna Café is partnered with the Central New York Cat Coalition who work to end cat homelessness and overpopulation through education, affordable spay/neuter, adoption, and TNR. The Stay Fresh crew are a big bunch of cat lovers and we were extra excited to hear the news of the Luna Café opening in Syracuse! A few weeks before the grand opening, Jess spent some time taking photos of the new space and glamour shots of the cats. She loved every moment of it and can’t wait for many more shoots to come!