Day 17:

Model: Eddie Brennan

Location: Syracuse Antiques Exchange

“Norman Bates No Longer Exists. He Only Half-Existed To Begin With. And Now, The Other Half Has Taken Over. Probably For All Time.” One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most notable films, Psycho (1960) is a timeless horror classic. Norman Bates is the genre’s first “slasher” killer, leading the way for iconic slasher films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and Friday the 13th.

A big fan of horror movies, Eddie Brennan was the perfect model for this shoot. Eddie is the President of Beak and Skiff and 1911 Established. Beak and Skiff is a 5th Generation company with a passion for excellence, innovation, and family. Beak and Skiff/1911 has been a client of Stay Fresh for over 8 years now and Eddie always brings passion and excitement to each and every project. Eddie has a big heart and puts it into everything he does. He very obviously cares about his family, staff, and community and we are so happy to get to work with him.