DAY 6:

Model: Drew Shoup

MUA: Marcela Tobar of MTMakeup

Our story begins on an ordinary fall day. The Stay Fresh gang was taking an ordinary walk to the Print Hub to pick up an order of t-shirts when they tripped and fell into a very large rabbit hole! The hole was very deep and they fell for a very long time. When they finally stopped falling, they found themselves in a Wonderland full of strange and wonderful adventures. They came across an unusual tea-party that appeared to be hosted by their friend Drew, or someone who looked like Drew anyways. Maybe it wasn’t Drew, or maybe Drew had gone a little mad.

There are certain individuals pushing the creative landscape of Syracuse, turning the volume up to 11 on our city’s rad factor. Ladies and gentlemen let us introduce you to one of those people, our good friend Drew Shoup! Drew is one of the owners of the Print Hub. The Print Hub handles everything from screen printing and swag to merch fulfillment and high fives. Any time we need to rock that freshest merch for a client we go through Drew. The speed and quality of the products that come out of Drew’s shop are of the highest quality. He and his crew will work with you on whatever wacky idea you have to make it the most rad. The Print Hub has always supported Stay Fresh and we were super excited to have Drew get down with us for this year’s 31 Days.