Day 30:

Models: Olive Lincoln, Sal Lincoln, Lincoln Miller, and Mason Miller.

“Trick or treat! Smell our feet!”

As kids, Halloween always meant two things: Trick-or-Treating and watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. The Peanuts Halloween Special was first broadcasted in October 1966 and was aired on prime television every year near Halloween through 2019. Charlie Brown was an iconic part of American childhood for over 50 years, and so of course he gets a spot in our 31 Days of Halloween.

Olive and Sal are some of the coolest kids we know! Everything they do, they do with confidence. Whether it’s catching critters or learning to skateboard, no challenge is too big for these two! For the second year in a row, Tommy’s kiddos are rocking some major nostalgia for us. Last year they played Linus and Sally waiting for the Great Pumpkin. This year, they are joined by hockey champs Lincoln and Mason!