Model: Paul Valenti
MUA: Stay Fresh Crew

“Oooh, but I’m so sweet and tasty.”

In the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror IV the first act is a parody of The Devil and Daniel Webster. While at work, Homer states that he would sell his soul for a donut! The Devil Flanders appears to comply with his request and a trial for Homer’s soul is had. Right before Homer’s soul is taken by the Devil, Marge saves the day with proof that his soul already belongs to her. Enraged by losing Homer’s soul, Devil Flanders curses homer to have a head made of a donut.

Taking them from street fairs, to a brick and motor and on the road with their donut truck, Stay Fresh has been jammin’ with Glazed & Confused on all things fun for the last 5 years! Client and Friend Paul Valenti is the donut man about town and get’s down with us for our tribute to the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror! Through sprinkles, sugar and fun Paul helps bring turn the volume up on fun flavor in the city of Syracuse. His take on donuts has made Syracuse a pin on many road maps of people in search of a whimsical donut land with the perfect fried rings. While they are usually slinging cake-style fried donuts, every Friday you can get your filled yeast yammers on for “Fill It Friday’s”, featuring a different yeast-filled donut each week.