Day 21:

Model: Rowan Montgomery

“Not believing in an afterlife is like not believing in astrology.” Heartwarming, funny and a little bit spooky, ParaNorman is one of our very favorite family-friendly Halloween movies. Norman, a misunderstood boy with the special gift to talk to the dead sets out on a mission to save his hometown from a centuries-old curse. One of our favorite scenes in the movie is when a ghost approaches Norman while he’s in the bathroom and toilet paper goes flying everywhere! We had such a blast making a huge mess while recreating that scene.

Rowan is the youngest of Jess’s kids. Full of sass and creativity, he keeps us entertained with his imaginative story-telling and natural comedic timing. Brimming with ideas and opinions he always has suggestions at-the-ready when we need a little extra inspiration. When you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he will tell you “not an adult” and we tend to agree with that sentiment.