Day 20

Model: Nick Shelton
MUA: Hannah Fleet

“What…? Do I have something in my face?”

Heavy Metal or just Metal is a genre of rock music that came about in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Known for its heavy sounds, distortions, aggressive overtones, and emphatic rhythms over the last few decades metal has taken on sub-genres like Doom, Black, Gothic, Grindcore, Metalcore, Stoner metal, and more!

Our friend Nick Shelton runs the Sound Garden in Syracuse, NY, and is one of our favorite metalheads. The Sound Garden is Syracuse’s number one indie record store and Nick has been pushing the envelope on creating a great environment for music nerds, audiophiles, and musicians to come together and hang out and find new music to add to the soundtrack of their lives. He’s traveled across the country by train, has an affinity with cinema, and has delivered lightning strikes of metal to drum heads from coast to coast. Seeing as how Nick loves him some metal, we thought what would be more metal than a ballistic blast of vinyl records to the face.