DAY 2:

Model: Maribeth Johnson
MUA: Devin Caitlyn Artistry

Long curled horns, pale white skin, red glowing eyes, and a 4 color fire within. From the brittle, yellowed, ink blotched pages of a comic book comes forth a Four Color Demon! On a recent trip to TESD Town Studios, we tried summoning Baron Von Flanagan, but a few mis-muttered words caused us to summon a Four Color Demon! On her iron horse of death, flowing platinum hair, and a killer leather cut we were so very excited to work with our friend, and client, Maribeth.

Maribeth Johnson handles advertising, graphics, and a whole load of other rad for our homies at Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave. The Tell ‘Em Steve-dave podcast is hosted by Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, and Brian ‘Q’ Quinn and is in their 11th year! Over 500 episodes, a bunch of movies, and one of the top Patreon creators on the Patreon platform. You can check out Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave over at