Stay Fresh Artist Series: 007 – The Stay Fresh Crew

It’s been 8 years since Stay Fresh first fired its stereoscopic creative ray guns into the Syracuse artmosphere! Over those past eight years, we have aimed at improving the visual landscape through design, branding, websites, photography, installations, public art, and probably a few other things that we can’t remember due to all those creative brainstorming sessions. There has been so much fun work over the years! Some has been out there in the wild roaming the streets, and some never before seen!

On April 22nd we invite you to join us, to take in a one-night-only viewing of work that Stay Fresh has created over the last eight years. From the whimsical lands of Glazed & Confused and getting dazed and confused with Jay & Silent Bob, to branding mayors and shooting flavors we will be pulling piles of fun work from the archives. We couldn’t of made it this far without all of you, so come have a drink and celebrate year 8 with the Stay Fresh crew.

Check back here for updated information on this event. 

The Stay Fresh 8 Year Bash
April 22nd 2022
5pm-6pm VIP Hour
6pm-10pm Public Viewing

Beverages: 1911 is in the house! The hard cider game will be strong! We will also have Beer, Wine and other N/A beverages will be on hand!
Covid Protocol? If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask than you can, it is not mandatory for this show.
What if I miss the opening? One night only suckah!
Cost: Free.

Sponsored by: 1911