PICTON Magazine: “Vincent”


Model: John O’Reilly

MUA: Marcela Tobar of MTMakeup

Photography: Jessica Montgomery

This fashion editorial was published in the January 2020 issue of PICTON Magazine – No. 412. Titled “Vincent”, it is loosely based on themes found commonly in the life and artworks of Vincent van Gogh. In college, I read a book of letters Vincent van Gogh had written to his brother Theo and ever since, I’ve had a little soft spot in my heart for anything Vincent.

We shot this editorial in two parts, because the first day we got surprised with a powerful wind and rain storm that LITERALLY blew Johnny off of the hood of the truck we were shooting on. Also, while my camera is water “resistant” it is not water proof! So we packed up and had to shoot the back half on a different day.

Oh! And hey! We made the front cover! Which was extra exciting because we didn’t submit for a front cover feature, so it was a big surprise for us when the issue came out! Check out these tear sheets from the magazine:


When shooting an editorial, I tend to over shoot because you need such a variety of outfits/poses/angles/focal lengths in order to properly tell the story without being monotonous or redundant. So inevitably we always end up with a lot of really good images and a lot of hard choices to make when choosing just the handful that will be submitted. Here’s a few from this shoot that didn’t make the final cut: